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Almost all people give the highest regard to health more than anything else. Thus the rapid increase of health predicaments leads medical experts to innovations that could remedy those dilemmas. Radiologic technology or what is commonly known as X-ray has been a dramatic invention geared towards a more accurate diagnosis of medical illnesses.

The initial step to become an x-ray technician is to get a formal training. A lot of X-ray technician training schools offer courses and training programs that could equip candidates and students with a substantial professional knowledge and skills to earn a certification. There are even flexible and affordable options that are offered online.

Basically, radiologic technologists or X-ray technicians help in the diagnosis of the human body through production of x-ray films to certain parts of the human body that needs checking and keener observation. Part of their job is to properly give orientations to patients prior to their x-ray examinations. Patients should remove all items which the x-rays cannot penetrate. They also put the patients in the correct position for parts of the body to be appropriately checked.

There are likewise necessary protective devices from radiation that x-ray technicians should install and make sure to work to avoid excess exposure to radiation. Furthermore x-ray technicians ought to follow instructions from the physicians in a more precise manner; they should also comply with regulations regarding radiation usage for their own protection, their patients and even colleagues.

Part of a formal education and training is a one to four years study which could earn them a certificate and either a bachelor’s or a two-year associate degree. Most federal governments issue a legislation standard to accredit training programs and schools for x-ray technicians.

There is an approximation of career growth in the X-ray technician industry from the year 2006 to 2016. The increase of population in the different sectors of the society is consequential to the demands for diagnostic imaging. Thus, X-ray technology faces a bright and potential future for those who want to pursue this career. X-ray technicians can work in different locations like hospitals, diagnostic clinics, healthcare centers and the like. Likewise, there are plenty of job opportunities in other multi-credential and commercial firms.

Salaries and compensations for X-ray technicians may range from as low as $30,000 and as high as more than $90,000. This data were given by the American Society of Radiologic Technologies. New x-ray technicians who have less than two years of experience could earn an approximate rate of $36,918. Those who are already veterans and seniors in this field have salaries of $42,768.

All these benefits await successful professionals in this field of medical diagnostics, yet to do it, they needed a proper X-ray technician training first. It’s a strenuous process but it’s all worth the difficulties after all.

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Online School

Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences


The Bryman School


Kaplan College

  • Campus Location: North Hollywood, Vista - North County
  • Healthcare Programs: X-Ray Tech, Back Office Medical Assisting, Radiologic Technology
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Central Florida Institute

Heritage Institute

High-Tech Institute

Keiser University

  • Campus Location: Daytona Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Kendall, Lakeland, Melbourne, Orlando, Pembroke Pines, Port St. Lucie, Sarasota, Tallahassee, Tampa, West Palm Beach
  • Healthcare Programs: Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Radiologic Technology, Radiology, Ultrasound Technologist
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Ultimate Medical Academy


Spencerian College

  • Campus Location: Lexington and Louisville
  • Healthcare Programs: Radiologic Technologist associate degree; diploma in Limited Medical Radiography
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High-Tech Institute

Career Technical College


Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University

Heritage College

Sanford-Brown College

New York

Sanford-Brown Institute


Bohecker College


Heritage College

Pioneer Pacific College

Apollo College


Western School of Health and Business

High-Tech Institute



Academy of Healthcare Professions

Career Centers of Texas



Heritage Institute

Medical Careers Institute


Everest College

Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin

Sanford-Brown College