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People are indeed giving much attention to their health nowadays. Those who have the opportunity to be healthy and normal have more things to be thankful for than those who have inborn infirmities and victims of accidents. Despite of all the precautionary measures, there are still incidents that would leave drastic marks to those who suffer them. To answer the need for service to these patients, physical therapy assistants are greatly searched for in all hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Physical therapy assistants or PTAs are professionals who render help and support to licensed physical therapists in their day to day activities in rehabilitation of patients under their care. Several of these patients suffer stroke, arthritis, amputation, heart disease, bone fractures, cerebral palsy and accident-induced ailments.

Basic responsibilities of a PTA are providing therapeutic massage, conduct exercises in therapy, observe and assess the patient’s progress as recorded in his or her data. They can also put or fit crutches, braces and other supportive devices in the patient’s rehabilitation. Some clerical obligations are also covered in their post such as ordering supplies in the rehabilitation center, answering queries and phone calls and completing or filling out forms.

Candidates who want to pursue a physical therapy assistant career must first secure an associate’s degree in physical therapy assistance. There are now hundreds of certified physical therapist assistant programs that will provide the proper and in-depth trainings for aspiring PTAs. Depending on the center or school’s program, students are generally required to study basic and important theory of medical sciences and other education courses. Equally important is the practical or actual training that candidates must undergo to earn hands-on experience in their field of interest.

Most programs would even require students to go through a volunteer work with physical therapists or any nursing homes before they enroll in the training program. After an intensive training, PTAs are still subject to various licensure exams and certifications to assure clients and patients the quality of service they would get from these professionals.

Physical Therapy assistance is a very demanding job, but benefits for professionals are outstanding, from the flexibility of their schedule and the respect that they gain out of their work. Furthermore, there are just a lot of job opportunities for PTAs for a more secure and stable job, in various sectors and among diverse people in different walks of life.

Healthcare industry is such an amazing milieu to take. Healthcare providers such as the physical therapy assistants are very significant components of this industry, thus more and more innovations and programs are geared towards them to provide patients the care and assistance they need in their most trying times.

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Keiser College

  • Campus Location: Ft.Lauderdale, Melbourne
  • Healthcare Programs: Occupational Therapy Assistant, Physical Therapist Assistant
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New Hampshire

Hesser College

  • Campus Location: Concord, Manchester, Nashua, Portsmouth, Salem
  • Healthcare Programs: Medical Assistant, Physical Therapy Assistant
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ICM School of Business and Medical Careers


Provo College


Medical Careers Institute


Everest College

  • Campus Location: Ontario: Barrie, Brampton, Hamilton City Centre, Hamilton Mountain, London, Mississauga, Ottawa West (Nepean), Newmarket, North York, Ottawa East, Scarborough, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Toronto Central, Toronto College Park, Windsor Quebec: Laval, Montreal, Quebec City Nova Scotia: Halifax Alberta: Calgary City Centre, Calgary North, Edmonton City Centre British Columbia: Abbotsford Burnaby, Surrey, Vancouver Manitoba: Winnipeg
  • Healthcare Programs: Physiotherapist Assistant / Occupational Therapist Assistant, Medical Administrative Assistant, Medical Office, AssistantRehabilitation Therapy Assistant
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