HIPAA Training and Certification

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Healthcare management schools and programs are now designed to answer and operate under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act to ensure more quality patient protection.

Many innovations and advancement in technology, particularly in the area of healthcare have dramatically increased in overwhelming number. Therefore, there are simply inevitable cases and instances that both healthcare professionals and patients could gain either positive and negative results from these innovations.

There are cases when a lot of threats are posed not only on the physical wellbeing of a person due to new and modern technologies. In other areas, astounding threats can also affect a patient’s reputation and emotional state. To give protection to all patients and clients of the healthcare industry, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was issued in the year 1996.

Also known as Public Law 104-191, this enactment gives protection to all vital health information which is collected, received, maintained and shared by healthcare organizations and other entities in this particular industry. This simply means that any records and personal data gained by insurance companies and organizations ought to be kept in private. All organizations giving healthcare insurance are required by the law to operate under national standards. All the details are imperatively kept secured, protected and well managed to maintain privacy of patients.

Strict compliance to this law affected the programs offered by many healthcare schools and centers thus many HIPAA-focused courses are designed to cater and be in stringent accordance to this enactment. A wide scope of healthcare management procedures like performing medical billing, facilitating and processing health care payments, procuring health benefits are covered and must adhere to the HIPAA policy. Thus, all offices including health plans, private and public health authorities, and laboratories, among others must comply with HIPAA.

Government is putting emphasis on the importance of this particular endeavor because of the fines they give to organizations who failed to follow the rules. Serious impositions may range up to $250,000 monetary damage or even up to ten years imprisonment.

In this lieu, more and more healthcare centers and schools are now designing their curriculum to conform to HIPAA. Many recommended and certified schools have HIPAA training and certification as part of the pre-requisites of their program. Moreover, there featured courses are majorly focused in adherence to HIPAA training and certification.

In pursuing a career in healthcare management, candidates must be wise enough to discern and choose which programs and schools offer courses which are oriented under HIPAA training and certification. The growth and demands for healthcare professionals are definitely rising, and having credentials in HIPAA would give them even a greater edge.

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