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Some Chicago companies nowadays are offering a popular trend that helps their employees combat the stress of their work. An on-site massage therapy for office workers is getting favorable response in the area of Chicago.

For just 15 minutes, the tired and stressed employees will have their taut muscles in their necks and shoulders worked on by the gentle hand of the massage therapist. This would definitely melt away the tension caused by the pressure of constant deadline.

But the best thing about this massage is that there is no need to remove the clothes and no oils will be used. Moreover, the workers will not have to leave their office just to get a massage. An on-site massage therapy is definitely the answer for the rising cost of health care in order to refresh and relax.

Massage therapy is definitely becoming more and more popular nowadays and it has become a legitimate option for a lot of people who want to reduce the bodily pain and stress brought up by too much work.

Because of the dramatic increase in the demand for massage, a lot of massage therapists are expanding their practices and one way of doing so is by establishing on-site services. According to David Palmer, the founder of on-site therapy, there are an estimated 10,000 practitioners of the specialized massage.

This data is quite impressive due to the fact that this service began only seven years ago. Palmer, who also runs a San Francisco school for workplace therapists say, that on-site massage therapy, is the fastest growing part of the bodywork industry.

Peter Rubintz, an owner of a downtown massage spa started to have an on-site massage therapy service after some executives who visited his spa expressed interest about the idea of having him come to their office. He said that an on-site massage will not leave the workers sleepy, but rested and ready to go back to work.

An on-site massage therapist usually massages the neck, arm and shoulders as clients kneel on a specially designed chair. The therapist usually uses Shiatsu, which is a Japanese technique that combines acupressure and muscle stretching.

Another great thing about an on-site massage therapy is that it can be done in an empty office for about 10 to 15 minutes. Therapists usually bring their own specially designed chair. The charge for the session is usually a dollar per minute. But workers will not have to worry about paying as most companies will bear all the costs.