The Need for Pharmacy Technicians is Going Up

The future looks good for pharmacy technicians

pharmacy technician

Pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists in providing medication and other health care products to patients, receiving prescriptions requests from doctors and patients, delivering medications to patients, making sure patient files are accurate and up to date and a lot more.

71 % of these jobs will be in retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, grocery stores and even in department stores.

Pharmacy technicians are among the fastest growing in the different states of the United States, especially in places where the population is high. The demand for health care providers increase in proportion to the increase of populations since more and more people will be requiring assistance as they age, get sick, give birth or become injured.

It would be safe to say that pharmacy technicians should get a handful of job opportunities today.

As a person grow older, different sickness and conditions arise thus his need for medicine will also increase. There is a rapid increase in the currently huge percentage of people who are in the middle aged group and the elderly group, so there will really be a great demand for prescriptions and medications.

Everyday, new discoveries are being uncovered that will help a person preserve his life, live longer, and enjoy life more. This means, that more people would be depending on various medicines thus the need for pharmacy technicians who would cater to these needs arise.

It has been estimated that the employment for this job will increase by about 32% from year 2006 to year 2016, which can be considered as much faster than the average rate of increase in all other occupations.

Some states have already taken steps to answer shortage of pharmacy technicians by making use of some drug dispensing machines which is said to increase productivity as it can perform routine duties usually conducted by pharmacy technicians.

These duties could include counting pills and tablets and even placing them in containers. These are mostly used for common medications in order to prevent errors.

Of course, we cannot all rely on machines since the lives and welfare of patients would greatly depend on these and any slight error could be harmful and fatal to them.

As more people need medications, so does the need for pharmacies and medical shops increase. As pharmacies increase, there is a growing demand for pharmacists who will deliver the correct prescriptions and medications. As pharmacists increase, so does the need for pharmacy technicians who will be able to assist them in their job.

It has even been considered that the growth in pharmacy technicians is twice as high as the growth of pharmacists.

Knowing all these statistics can confirm enough that those undertaking courses in this field are in the right track and for those who are still undecided on what course to take up, you better consider this.