Is A Career In Medical Assisting For You?

Set the standard for yourself, become a Medical Assistant

medical assistant

If there's a career that will guarantee you a job after you graduate, that would be a career in medical assisting.

Since the world's population is rapidly increasing, there is a rapid increase too in the need for healthcare career services and providers. That is the reason why medical related courses are highly in demand nowadays.

A professional healthcare provider like a physician cannot carry out his duty well without the aid of a medical assistant. He needs to have someone to assist him in doing other duties aside from attending to patients. He needs to focus more on what he is intended to do which is to analyze and identify a person's condition and provide him with the necessary medication that will bring him back to his highest well being.

If he will do it all by himself, running back and forth in welcoming patients, typing their personal information, setting up appointments, taking care of all paper work, keeping patient's records and files while at the same time providing the check up of the patients and doing other clinical procedures, he will ultimately create chaos with everything around and not do his primary job really well, which is providing medical attention to his patients.

This is not a good idea, since he is dealing with lives of people. That's where a medical assistant’s role comes in. A medical assistant can be compared to an administrative assistabt of a certain company manager who does all the organizing for him in order to make his life easier and his schedule less chaotic.

A medical assistant's job scope does not end there, since it covers both clinical tasks and administrative duties.

If you love dealing with all kinds of people this job might be for you. You should also be comfortable in places like offices and clinics as this would be where you will most likely work.

In this job, you'll be with people so you have to always be presentable and be understanding to your patient’s circumstances. A pleasing personality is a must. This will make patients comfortable when they visit a doctor's office. Nothing could be more disappointing to a patient than being greeted with a fake and unfriendly smile plus a hostile accommodation from a medical assistant.

As someone working in the medical field, you are expected to be at your best most of the time and to be friendly, warm, welcoming, accommodating and helpful to patients who need empathy and extra care on their conditions. You might just unconsciously ruin the physician's reputation if you don't follow this.

When it comes to some administrative tasks that a medical assistant will most likely perform, that usually includes answering and making phone calls, arranging the health practitioner's schedule, welcoming patients and making sure they are all seated comfortably while they wait for their turn, keeping a cabinet for all patient's records and files and arranging them well for easy access, filling out insurance forms, getting personal information of patients and handling billing transaction records. This could still vary from office to office.

Clinical duties could include taking vital signs of patients such as temperature, weight, height and blood pressure, performing laboratory procedures, assisting physicians in conducting specific examinations, getting the patients ready for an examination, educating patients on the procedure which will be conducted on them, releasing results of examinations to patients, making sure all utensils are clean and sterilize, discarding used materials and a lot more.

There are very few people who land a job as a medical assistant by being trained on the job and eventually getting that necessary experience. Nowadays, the criteria and standards have become more strict due to competition.

In order for you to get a job as a medical assistant now, you should be a high school graduate plus you should have a certificate or diploma.

If you graduate in a one year course or program, you will be given a medical assistant certificate or medical assistant diploma. However, you can proceed to get that associate degree by finishing up to 2 year course. A 2 year course would surely give you an edge, plus a couple of years of experience in the related field, can surely guarantee you for a medical assistant position whether you would like to work in an office, hospital or clinic.

You should check and see to it that the school where you are going to study is accredited through either the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP), or the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) because you will be having a difficult time finding a job if its not.