Massage Therapy Growing in Popularity

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Rob Rogers of the Mountain State School of Massage explains that massage therapists are body workers. Rob is a massage therapy instructor and boasts of the significant progress his students made even if they are only halfway through the year. They have become really acquainted with the various strokes and techniques of the Swedish massage.

Rob, together with his chiropractor wife Mary Beth Mangus and their staff, teach eight various kinds of massage in two different programs. In this setting, the students can choose to work in either program before getting the certification in massage therapy from the state. According to Rogers, before a therapist can get his license, he should get at least 500 hours of training first. But with their program, the student has already spent 750 hours of training upon graduation.

There are 20 or so massage techniques there is, and the nine massage instructors of the school are very much knowledgeable in Swedish massage, reflexology, neuromuscular therapy, sports massage, polarity, traditional Chinese medicine theory, sports massage and hydrotherapy. According to Rogers, it is important that the students have a good understanding of the discipline by teaching them a number of modalities.

The cost of the 18 month instructional program ranges from $5,800 to $6,200. The enrollment rate in Roger’s massage school has steadily increased since it was established in 1995. There are a total of 350 licensed massage therapist in the state, 150 of which graduated from Roger’s massage therapy school. In fact, because of the popularity of massage therapy, over the last couple of years, several massage institutions have also been established in the state.

According to Rogers, people nowadays want to try nontraditional options in health care. They're finding that allopathic medications for pain often provide only temporary relief of symptoms and don't really attack the root of the problem. That is why they choose massage therapy as an alternative option. More and more people are undergoing a massage therapy because it relieves them from pain and stress. In fact, there are insurance companies that reimburse for a massage session.

The Mountain State School of Massage is expanding its wings and moving to a new location three times the size of the current location. With this, the school can accommodate more students who will work in a more private setting. Furthermore, new courses of study will be added such as yoga instruction and newborn massage. The licensing of massage therapists is an important step in elevating the profession. It also dispels myths that other people have about the profession.

There are two basic types of therapy according to Rogers: relaxation and clinical. It all depends to the needs of the individual. In fact, their needs are subject to change over time. Athletes are actually the ones who have been using massage therapy for a long time. But only during the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta when the medical team used massage therapy as an official technique.

But of course, massage therapy is not only for athletes. In fact, according to a report by the New England Journal of Medicine, massage therapy is the third most common alternative health-care treatment. People with strained muscles and stress usually resort to massage therapy to relieve their problem. Massage can also heal some other conditions such as chronic muscle and joint pain, tension and migraine headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, whiplash injuries, premenstrual syndrome and joint inflammation.