Dental Assistant: The Gap between Dentists and Patients

The bridge for Dentists and Patients

dental assistant

Job Description

I’m pretty sure you had already been to a dentist at least once in your life. It is really important for every one to see their dentist regularly for a routine check-up and cleaning. This would keep the teeth and gums healthy and strong.

Whenever you go to the dentist’s office, a dental assistant may be the first one to take care of you. They are the ones who usually check you in and clean your teeth. But did you know that a dental assistant has important duties that the dentist would need in order to take care of you as a patient? A dental assistant usually undergoes training on the job. This would enable them to learn about the basic dental care routine and be familiar on assisting the dentist at work. They will be taught on how to clean the patient’s teeth and in instructing them about good oral hygiene and basic oral care.

A person who aspires to become a dental assistant can also attend a training program being offered by various community colleges and technical centers. But it is also important for the aspiring dental assistant to be people-oriented, have nice communication skills and loves working with their hands.

The role of a dental assistant is to work directly with the dentist as the dentist treats the patient. Their tasks include maintaining the charts of the patient, hand instruments to the dentist during procedures, clean and prepare instruments, polish the teeth of the patients and take X-rays of the patients.

A dental assistant’s role is important in the daily operations and administration in a dental clinic. They are also important when it comes to patient care. There are so much more duties and responsibilities of a dental assistant which can be very difficult to enumerate them all. Once a dental assistant completed a dental assisting program, he can take the CDA examination. For those who were able to undergo training on the job, they can take the national certification exam after their two year full-time work experience being dental assistants.

But having a career as dental assistant can really be rewarding. At the end of the day, you would feel the contentment knowing that you made a difference in the lives of other people. Furthermore, you were also able to help the dentist build his practice.